My name is Natalia, I am a fashion illustrator

I learnt different techniques and materials: watercolor, markers, vector graphics. All my works are united by bright colors and impressive style. I’m in love with what I do, so for every illustration I work on 100%.

I carefully listen to the wishes of the customer, I always suggest several variants of creative solutions and we choose the best. I clearly observe the terms and requirements for illustrations. In addition to drawing, I also have related skills that help me to do my job better:

  • Experience in fashion design and tailoring helps to depict dresses reliably and vividly
  • I speak three languages (Russian, French and English) that’s why I can follow trends and learn from the best professionals from all over the world
  • Skills in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe illustrator help to create original works and make adjustments quickly
  • Experience in collaboration with corporate clients helps to find an approach to every customer and exceed his expectations

My clients

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Fashion week accreditations


…and many other projects for corporate and personal clients all over the world.