5 Youtube channels for fashion illustrators

Hello! As promised, I am sharing my selection of Youtube channels on fashion illustration.

1. FSketcher
Channel number one for me. There you will find a lot of useful and detailed videos. Drawing fashion figure, face, rendering different textures and prints. In general, everything that can be learned about fashion illustrations with markers. In addition to the channel, the author maintains his blog, where you can find some lessons with more detailed explanations.

2. Elaine Biss
There are many accelerated videos on this channel, and there are also detailed lessons on the basics, reviews of materials and other useful tips. I really like the easy style of the author and the quick drawing techniques.

3. Fashion teaching
Mega-useful channel on which fashion-illustration is disassembled from the very beginning to the level of a cool illustrator. How to put a hand, make the line more confident, how to draw hands and legs … There is also a video about the design of clothes and accessories.

4. Joanna Baker
A small but very cozy channel with speed drawing videos and lessons on drawing very cute girls with markers.

5. Zoe Hong
Another channel with detailed videos about all aspects of fashion illustrations. How to draw a figure, how to make the pearls in the figure shimmer and even how to draw peacock feathers! If you need to depict any complex texture, then on this channel you will definitely find a suitable lesson.

Bonus: I think it is worth mentioning the channel of British fashion illustrator Scott W Mason.
Although the channel has quite a few subscribers, but Scott is a very cool illustrator with an unusual style, so I advise everyone to follow his work.

I am sure that after watching the video from these channels you will want to draw a beautiful girl in a luxurious dress, and maybe not one.

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